Rejuventation Day


I have not been feeling myself lately, so I decided to stay home from work today. It's not that I feel "sick" per se, it's more that I don't feel "well." What I really need to do is give myself a BREAK! I need to chill, sleep and relax. I need to rejuvenate. Instead, from the moment I called into work this morning, I was plaguing myself with thoughts of all the things I SHOULD be doing on my day off {clean the house, organize my scrapbook room, do the laundry, vacuum, plan RS activities fo the next year, etc.}. I think I need to re-envision time off. I'm an ACTIVE person, so I feel my best when I'm accomplishing something, but these thoughts of "must dos" do not serve me.

What I need most is not to do the laundry, but I need to sleep and rest up. The last year has been challenging and life transforming, but in the race to top, I'm becoming run down and stressed out. My health and happiness are the most important aspects of my life.

I'm going to take the next few months to focus completely on me. On my health, on my fitness, on my perfect weight, on my scrapbooking, on my art, on my family, on my faith, on my true happiness and fulfillment.


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