Radical Self-Acceptance?


What a whirlwind of a week. Some experiences this week have taught me about loving myself - radically, unabashedly, passionately, fearlessly. I performed in a couple of shows this week - for the first time - in full cabaret costuming. That means - full-on belly-baring bejewelled garb! I'm often way to harsh on myself, unforgiving of minor [and major!] flaws. But dolled up in my bellydance costume, I felt like I was oozing confidence. Despite my muffin-top, my flabby belly, saggy arms, small chest, and too-round hips [those are my flaws if you didn't figure that out], I was full of stamina, grace, poise, presence, and beauty. I love to dance. I am grateful for performing. It's given me the wonderful gift of self-acceptance. More than that - SELF-LOVE!


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