The Hockey Stick - EZ


So it all started last week. Adair was out of town all week. One afternoon, I took the kids to the dollar store.  Ez has been obsessed with hockey for the past couple of weeks, even since he went to his cousin's hockey games.  We found this hockey stick for $1.25, so I thought, "Why not?", without realizing what I would create with this tiny purchase.

From the moment we got home, EZ held on to that hockey stick and played for HOURS. He went to sleep with the stick in hand, and woke up with it in the morning. He played with it ALL the next day - literally. It's been attached to him.
I took this video last week to show his skills and the cute things he says: "Score! Goal!" and my favourite when he's trying to engage you to play with him, "You ready?"

Also, he's obsessed with watching hockey.  He'd rather watch Hockey Central on tv than Thomas or Cat in the Hat.  He recently found a Maple Leafs hockey jersey in his closet {from his cousin} and we can't get it off of him. 

He likes to chant, GO LEAFS GO! Hopefully his new found love for the Leafs will bring them some luck in getting into the NHL playoffs this year :)

Perhaps the cutest incident was this past Friday. I had my niece & nephew over to play with EZ. Unfortunately, EZ had become quite good with his stick and was beginning to scratch my gorgeous Brazilian wood floors.  {I'm sure you winced as I did merely watching the video above when EZ hits the puck in the dining room!}.  Anyway, I told him not to play in the dining room any more.
When my sister arrived to pick up her kids, Ez happened to be in the dining room and I had just finished telling him to stop playing hockey on my wood floors.  My nephew told my sister to watch EZ hit the puck, then my darling 2 year old EZ said, "Not in front of my mom!" Clear as day.  How sweet {and smart!} of him!


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