EZ is 3 Years Old!


Happy 3rd Birthday to our wonderful EZ!!!

EZ insisted on wearing his Thomas costume this morning. We just gotta roll with it, sometimes!
 We just can't get over what a wonderful little man our EZ.  How the time flies when you are truly having fun! EZ is bright, engaging and adorable.  We are so blessed to have him as our son.
It doesn't seem like 3 years ago when he was born. He was always such a good and happy baby. I think that's what I admire most about him now. He's ALWAYS happy, except when he's sick. But to him, "HAPPY" is the opposite of sick. 

EZ is always joking now, and he really pulls my leg sometimes too. He loves to play, and has the imagination to amuse himself independently, but also the social skills to play with others. 

He's now moved up to Sunbeams class in Primary at Church {and doing very well considering he's the youngest}, but his nursery teachers tell me that he always shared his toys and that you could almost reason with him.

EZ's Favourites at Age 3:
  • CARS. Anything that moves, really. Trains, planes, motorcycles. He's fascinated with it. Not naming names, but it wasn't me, but *someone* showed him how to look at cars/crashes on Youtube, and now he loves that...*sigh*
  • iPad - Either mine or granddad, this kid LOVES to play on "his" iPad. He reads books, plays games, colours and even watches Youtube {see above}. I can't believe how tech-savvy kids are these days!

  •  His family & friends - EZ loves his family & friends, especially his baby sister. He likes to rhyme everyone's name off, then tell you how he knows them. He also likes to advise whether or not they are a boy or girl, or whether they are his "Best Boy" or "Best Girl". Luckily, I often {though not always!} fall into the Best Girl category.
  • Food? - He'll tell you he only eats fries, treats & ice cream, but he secretly loves carrots, apples, peanut butter & pasta. He constantly talks about broccoli, but he won't try it just yet. Maybe kale is next?
  • His "cwass" - EZ takes sportball classes and loves his coach. EZ is a natural at sports. He starts soccer classes in February, and we're thinking about trying skating again. He seriously thinks he's in the NHL. When we watch hockey, he'll play while the players are on the ice. He only stops when there's a break in the action.

  • Vocabulary - EZ's vocab is always surprising us. Whether it's compounding words like "misappear" {ie. it's missing/it disappeared}, or something lost is a "mystery", EZ is always using expanding his vocabulary and phrases. He says things like, "Don't think about it", which I think refers to me advising Little A who is trying to escape up the stairs, "Don't even think about it." It's very cute. We're constantly amazed by how much he understands, not just verbal words but social cues too. His favourite phrase now, "How did THAT happen?"

  • Colours & shapes - What's EZ's favourite colour? STOP {as in Red like a stop sign}. He also refers to "banana" for yellow. As for shapes, he recently surprised us by saying his ciabatta sandwich was a triangle. He was right. I asked him how he knew, and he says it had 3 sides - one, two, three. I then showed him a round bowl and asked him what shape it was - he said hexagon. Close, but how does he know what a hexagon is anyway?

  • Left & Right - He's learning L & R. One day when he tripped he told me he hurt his "left bum". Curious about this information re: left & right, I questioned him about other things that are "left" and "right", and he correctly answered most things. This kid is bright, I tell ya!


usgrahams January 11, 2012 at 12:13 AM  

Oh my goodness!! They grow up zoo quickly!! Happy birthday EZ!

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