Christmas 2008 Redux - still no baby...


I hope your Christmas was as lovely as mine! Adair and I had our first Christmas in our home. We usually travel to family, but it was a pleasant surprise to be at home for the Holidays.

On Christmas Eve, we went with our family to an United Church in the country - one of those beautiful old churches - for a service where my niece and nephew where part of the Nativity scene. Our Church doesn't "do" Christmas Eve services, which I've never understood, so instead we go to other churches. Going to a United Church service has been a tradition for every Christmas Eve my WHOLE life! The kids were so adorable in their costumes and they did a bang up acting job. On a side note, I'm told my 5 yr old niece told my 7 yr old nephew that it was perfectly fine to have stage fright, and that it would pass - she's such a rising star!

After the service, Adair and I went driving around to look at Christmas lights. We drove around for some time, then came home to snacks and to watch my new fav mini-series, HBO's John Adams. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It's about the American war for independence - and so much more. The acting is superb.

We got up early on Christmas morning and were at my sister's by 7am, in time to open the "Santa gifts" with her kids. Watching the children's utter glee and giddiness for Christmas, Santa and, of course, presents made us delighted that we soon will have that same joy with our own kids. While the children played with their presents, I had a well-deserved nap, and my sister and b-i-l made us a delicious breakfast. Afterward we ventured back to our own house, where we relaxed all day until it was time to go back for dinner.

Dinner was a "turducken" - yes, that's a chicken stuffed into a duck which is then stuffed into a turkey. It was a very special treat! We brought the salad, veggie tray, and cranberry sauce! Adair made a WONDERFUL cranberry sauce - which I kind of helped in create with all of my new knowledge from watching the Food Network these last couple of weeks on mat leave. To make the cranberry sauce special we made it with blood oranges [my FAVOURITE!] and added pomegranates. It was DIVINE! The meal and the company was spectacular!

I had planned to rest on Boxing Day, but my sister convinced me otherwise and we hit the mall at opening time! We both got bargains galore - thanks to the crappy economy! I bought only baby clothes, and [if you can believe it!] NOTHING for myself. We realized this week that the kidlet has lots of onesies, hooded towels , and pjs, but not many proper clothes, so I had TOO MUCH FUN shopping for cute outfits for the little guy!

After shopping for the day, Adair and I went to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". We had no intentions of seeing it, since Adair actually wanted to see "Valkyrie". But for some reason, we decided at the last minute to see this movie, and it was a 3 hr epic masterpiece. I totally loved it. Brad Pitt is amazing, and not in any way you'd normally expect. It's simply the best movie I've seen in awhile, though Slumdog Millionaire is a close second!

Still no baby. I had a painful contraction last night, but nothing came from it. I am just waiting. In the mean time, I'm watching copious episodes of Law & Order [original, SVU, & CI], tidying, scrapbooking, and WAITING FOR THIS BABY TO POP!!!


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