Mat Leave - Day 22


8:30 - wake up [for the last time - since i had been up about 7x during the night].

8:45am - painful contraction - could this be it??? NOPE! it was only one...sigh***

9am - light tidy up - the cleaning lady is coming today and i don't want her to think i'm a slob.

9:30am - check email and blackberry - oooh! i have 15 msgs!

9:45 - chat on the phone w/ my sister

10am - send adair for egg mcmuffins - a pregnant lady has her cravings.

10:15 - shower & primp - attempt to shave legs but it's too hard. i guess i'll have hairy legs if i deliver today.

11am - drop ginger off @ dad's house - she needs some company

11:30 - watch "gran torino" - quite a good movie. language is offensive,'s Clint Eastwood!

2pm - go to Future Shop for a price reduction on the ipod thing i got for x-mas

2:30 - arrive back @ home & rest - adair made me "latkes" for lunch - yum!

3-5pm - watch top chef, law & order ci AND svu, play on the internet, read Eclipse - again.


Mummy Maggie January 2, 2009 at 10:42 AM  

i know right? csi hasn't been on - it's been replaced by csi ny [ick!] and unsolved mysteries marathons.

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