MAT LEAVE - Day day so far


  • 7am - wake up and watch tv - yeah for breakfast tv!
  • 8-9:30am - nap time
  • 9:30-10am - watch "a baby story on tlc" - realize csi is much more interesting, and much less scary
  • 10-11:45 - play on internet, make "to do" lists, eat breakfast, then eat brunch
  • 11:45-12:45 - talk on the phone to krista
  • 12:45 - sort laundry. begin washing darks, put ginger outside
  • 1pm - shower, watch law & order while recording csi
  • 2pm - change laundry. realize that the kidlet's laundry isn't done, so decide to wash them before my own. my selflessness has begun. watch more csi. update blog. unload dishwasher and eat zoodles.


spart December 16, 2008 at 7:04 PM  

HAHAHAHAHA I love that there is so much CSI!!!!!!!!

If you need any of the seasons, I have them ALL.

Wait, you are referring to Las Vegas, right?

Mummy Maggie December 17, 2008 at 3:42 PM  

i've been watching csi on spike tv. it's on from 9-6pm daily. i'm just happy there's an alternative to crappy daytime tv talk shows and soaps! :)

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