The 8 Habits for Success

Ask for help — Surround yourself with motivating and encouraging people. It helps your efforts when you know how to ask for and get the help you need.
Learn from experience — No more yo-yoing! When you recognise what’s worked in the past and what hasn’t, you can move forward accordingly.
Manage your environment — It helps your efforts when you fill your spaces — your house, your office, your car — with foods that make it easier for you to stay on track.
Manage your feelings — Make yourself aware of the feelings that trigger comfort eating for you and you’ll be better able to find healthier ways to handle them.
Manage your thoughts — Your mind can make a big difference. It helps your efforts when you trade in negative thoughts for positive ones.
Monitor yourself — A mindful eye can motivate you. It helps your efforts when you make yourself accountable for what you eat.
Prepare yourself — Good plans shape good decisions. It helps your efforts when you decide what you want, and can work out how you’re going to get there.
Take care of yourself — It’s easy to get wrapped up in everyone else’s needs, but in respecting your own needs, you’ll be showing others how to respect them, too


spart May 25, 2009 at 11:51 AM  

Love this. Going to print it out.

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