Why I haven't blogged this week.


I have no idea why I haven't blogged lately. Maybe it's because I've been:

1. Baking again - yes folks, I tried red velvet cupckaes again - much better than last time. I also made some brownies too. That recipe needs a bit of work.

2. Being a mom is time-consuming. EZ is a great baby, but sometimes he's a bit of a momma's boy and a homebody. He likes to be close to me and to stay home. I want him to get used to travelling, so we go out a lot! Whether it's shopping or to seminars or even just to drive, we try to make it out often. Plus I haven't yet mastered the art of nursing and blogging at the same time.

3. I've been working on my house. Since being at home, I decided I wanted to put the finishing touches on my house. That means I've been trolling the internet (craigslist & kijiji & Etsy), as well as HomeSense etc for good deals. So far, the house looks pretty good, despite being a work in progress. The next project is to put in a backsplash. I want something funky, but...I want to sell the house, so I'm thinking cream-coloured subway tiles is the way to go. I'll save the stainless steel penny tiles for the next house.

4. Speaking of the next house, I have a "bee in my bonnet" (a phrase used by my mom when I was growing up) to move to a big house. The real estate market is such a buyer's market now, so we can get a lot of house for a lot less. I've been researching mls.ca and getting to know the market over the last few days. I found the perfect house, but it has just sold conditionally yesterday, so that may be off the list. Otherwise, I haven't yet found anything amazing and worth leaving my lovely house.

5. I'm tired.

So maybe I'll do better next week. I hope you missed me ;)


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