And I'm back! and even thinner!


Due to some technical difficulties, I've been MIA. I'm back now. I'm feeling great. I'm trying hard to stay OP with some success. I weighed myself yesterday and I'm down 2 lbs. since last week.

I decided to give up sweets & desserts for lent. I've gotta say that I don't miss it too much. I'm trying to fill up on veggies, protein, and water. I'm also drinking tons of water. I'm also moving a lot more - and NOT falling. Physio is going well and I'm working hard.

I've been reading WW magazine and it's very inspiring. Seeing other's success stories inspire me to be my best. I want to inspire others. One of the motivational tips I read was to make a list of the reasons why I want to lose weight. Here it goes:

1. I want to look GREAT in stylish clothes.

2. I want to be free of my obsession with my body.

3. I want to be in optimal health.

4. I want to play with EZ when he gets a bit older.

5. I want to live a long life and be active as I age.

6. I want to show respect for the body I've been given.

7. I want to look great in bellydance costumes.

8. I want to run another marathon...or two.


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