Snapshots from Turkey Weekend...ahem..Tofu Weekend!


 Here are some photos from Thanksgiving weekend! EZ had a BLAST visiting his Great-Grandma. Her house is SO fun to play in - but especially with his COUSINS! His cousins are a little older than EZ, but they are SO patient with him and I think they love playing with him too :)

Granddad drove up arrived just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. But before we sat down to eat, he wanted to take advantage of the exceptionally good weather and go to the lake to feed the ducks. As he turned out, the gulls were quicker & more aggressive than the little duckies, but we had fun all the same!

When his cousins went out for lunch, EZ was also able to have fun playing on his own!

I'm not sure why, but I didn't take any shots of our Thanksgiving meal as a family. Many of you were asking me how my 1st Vegan Thanksgiving turned out, so here's the story. I had brought ALL my ingredients up to my grandma's house in preparation for cooking my own Thanksgiving feast, but as it turned out, we ran out of time and I wasn't able to cook what I planned. Big A made a delicious pumpkin soup & I enjoyed eating that soup with sweet potatoes, veggies, hummus & pita for the big dinner. 

It was a great lesson for me in that being Vegan isn't hard AT ALL. And I find something to eat anywhere I go. It doesn't have to be a big production ALL of the time :) -- even for big Holiday Celebrations like Thanksgiving!

Once we got home and settled, Big A suggested I make my own Thanksgiving feast - and so I did! 

I made the most DELICIOUS walnut loaf using the recipe from the amazing  Oh She Glows Thanksgiving Menu. It was out of this WORLD! We also had vegan mashed potatoes & veggies. 

So no TOFU in sight! Haha!

Walnut Loaf is going in the oven...

But first it needs a GLAZE!


Jenny @ Simcoe Street October 17, 2011 at 8:55 AM  

That walnut loaf looks amazing!!!!

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