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If you were to ever come to my house, you would agree that everyone congregates in my kitchen, specifically my kitchen table.

We actually purchased our kitchen table from the previous owners. It fit the space well and could fit 8-10 people. It's one of those counter-height tables. I really like it for it's function, but I'm ready for something new - a table that fits into our NEW kitchen!

My lovely sister gifted me with a round oak table {that extends into an oval!} with Windsor-style chairs.  Very country, but it could be transformed to be very cool. It's definitely smaller than what I have, but I think I could re-purpose it into a DIY dream kitchen table.

I'm thinking about painting the top of the table with black CHALKBOARD PAINT.  Here are some Pinterest inspirations...

Image via here
Image via here

Image via here

Image via here

Image via here

Image via here

I am in LOVE with chalkboard paint. But I may have some reservations for using it for a kitchen table, but I don't know if those concerns outweigh my love for the idea!

My 2 main concerns are that:
  • It'll be hard to clean. Perhaps a glossy black would suit better
  • There will be chalk dust EVERYWHERE.
 What do YOU think about a chalkboard paint table top? Willing to hear opinions on this pretty please :)


Kerry Rossow October 24, 2011 at 11:22 PM  

I love the idea of a chalkboard table! It would be a riot at parties!
Kerry at

Jenny @ Simcoe Street October 27, 2011 at 5:56 PM  

Hey Maggie! I love the idea of a chalkboard table, but maybe not for the kitchen table (chalk dust+food=ick). It could be great, but I'd pick a different table for it if it were me. And I always wanted to paint the inside of some of my kitchen cabinets with chalk paint -- it would be fun to leave surprise notes for people in there and would make unloading the dishwasher more exciting.. Can't wait to see what you wind up painting!

Also, THANK YOU for the AMAZING giveaway prize. I am obsessed with my new missoni bag, notebook and goodies (I am a huge Joe Fresh fan too!). You're the best!


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