Little A: 10 months


Little A turned 10 months yesterday. Time flies when you're having fun, that's for sure.

She's grown so big and has changed so much, even in the last few weeks!

***Here's a post of EZ at 9 months - these kids totally look like siblings!
Little A LOVES:
  •  to chew on {ABSOLUTELY!} everything - she's teething {still, after all this time! seriously it's been months}
  •  her big brother EZ - she just lights up when he's around. He can do no wrong
  • to clap her hands and drum on the table during dinner time, especially during prayer time
  • to touch her head when she's getting sleepy - it's like she's looking for her hat for nap time {remember how I told you she needs to have her hat to nap?}
  • to sing and chatter - this one talks A LOT - which is great bc she's gotta keep up with her chatterbox brother :)
  • her bottle - unlike EZ, Little A took to her bottle straight away & hasn't looked back
  •  to find Ginger's hoard of dog treats. This little gal will go to *any* lengths to find Ginger's biscuits
  • to nap - twice a day - with her hat, of course
  • to drive around in the car
  • go shopping with Mummy {& Nana!} - girl bonding time :)
  • to crawl and toddle around on all the furniture, and even climb up the stairs when we're watching her
  • her food - she's got a decent appetite and enjoys eating peas, though she hasn't "bobbed" for food like EZ yet
We are so grateful for Little A's light in our lives. She's so bright, so happy and so incredible in every way!


Cindy@Cinsarah October 4, 2011 at 3:12 PM  

She's adorable! love her little outfit! and her smile! :)

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