Little A: 6 months



It's amazing to me that my sweet Little A is now 6 months old.  She is bright, independent, and so adorable.

Her 6 month stats are:
  • Height: 28.5 inches {off the charts -- no surprise!}
  • Weight: 14 lbs, 3 oz. {10th percentile}
So Little A is long and lean - perfect for a supermodel!  She's actually got an audition today for a commercial, and on Thursday she's booked for her first modeling gig -- a cover of a book! {They book several babies because babies are so temperamental, so we'll see if she actually makes it onto the cover, but it's nice to get booked!}

She is liking her brown rice cereal, and soon {when Mummy isn't so busy!}, we're going to try our veggies!  Despite being slender, this girl has an appetite!

She likes to sit up, but hasn't mastered it yet. She loves sitting in her Bumbo watching Mummy in the kitchen {yes you read that right. I actually don my apron from time-to-time to pretend to be domestic!}. Little A also really likes her Baby Einstein jumper.

Little A likes to not only rock {she LOVES music & singing, like her Mummy!}, but also ROLL!!!  She is rolling all over the place and loves her tummy time too. She likes to stretch and grab her toes.

She's VERY ticklish and loves to giggle. Only her big brother EZ can make her belly laugh though. She absolutely lights up when he's in the room -- he always has her attention.
She needs a hat. Not just because she's a bald beauty, but she likes to cover her eyes {presumably to darken her surroundings?} when she sleeps. It also must be a brimmed hat, like a newboy cap.  She then grabs the brim & pulls down the hat to cover her eyes, all the while sucking her thumb.  Not only is this totally adorable, but it helps her get to sleep any time/any where -- even at night!

Speaking of nighttime, she has not yet mastered sleeping through the night. Actually, she was great up until about 3 months ago. She likes snuggling with Mummy and that includes all night long, baby. I don't mind too much, that's why I'm on mat leave, right?

This girl is CHATTY! Seriously, hubsy & I aren't very naturally talkative, so it's amazing to us how much our kids chatter!  EZ of course is non-stop narrating his day {I used to do this before he could talk himself, so I guess it stuck!}. Now Little A can chat away with me for an hour straight! I imagine it's a sign of things to come!

We are absolutely blessed to have this smart, talented, little angel in our lives.  She is completely different than EZ in many things, so as a mom of 2, I was surprised that it's been such a different experience with #2. 

Life is good. We are so grateful for our children.


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