Oil & Vinegar


This post may not be what you think it's about.

It's literally about oil & vinegar. More specifically, I'm going to show you how I've displayed it!

First, I started out with nothing and kept our oil & vinegar hidden. And for those of you who like a clean, tidy counter, that totally works. 
Me, I don't mind some artfully displayed items on my counter. One thing I've learned since beginning my home design adventures is that if you're going to display something -- anchor it with a tray or something. 

Here's how the oil & vinegar used to look.

Definitely nothing WRONG with it per se, but the tray was getting smaller and smaller with additions of other oils. I bought the tray at Goodwill, so it wasn't like I spent a fortune on it and I didn't mind replacing it!
 Then I went to my friend's house and admired her oil & vinegar display. It was very chic with a thick wooden cutting board. I needed to copy it!

So I did, but it didn't look just right.
So I added a more {and fancier!} spices and large spoon with a floating succulent. I really like it now. But I think I'd be even more enamored with it if I had the oils in all the same dispensers. So, now I'm on the hunt for those! If you see any cool ones {for CHEAP!}, let me know!
Now if only I could cook!


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