Little A is a star! or is it Beginner's Luck?


Photo is not from her modeling gig this week. It was taken in April by Blink of an Eye Photography
A few months ago I signed Little A up for modeling. Not like the "Toddlers & Tiaras" type thing - just some fun kids clothes modeling etc. I have some friends that have their kids with a certain agency, so I knew they could be trusted.

So I sent my money in to register Little A with the agency, then I never heard from them again -- until this week.
Little A had TWO firsts this week:

1) Her first commercial audition

2) Her first modeling gig - and not just a flyer ad, a BOOK COVER!

We were so excited and accepted the booking immediately.
So the photo shoot was yesterday.  They wanted me to bring sleepers and nice casual winter clothes {it was a winter scene}.  So I packed a FULL bag of clothes, with each kind of clothing put into smaller bags {ie. short-sleeve onesies, long-sleeve onesies, leggings, skirts, etc} so they would be easier to find. I was SO ready for this photo shoot.

I arrived an hour early, and it turns out that you can be too early for a party. The photographer and the entire crew was eating lunch and we interrupted. They were very gracious and I explained that we came in from the burbs and weren't sure about the location, parking, etc.  I was offered a seat on a comfy couch and a nice cold bottle of water. Did I mention it was 30+ degrees celsius {plus humidity!} and the studio wasn't air conditioned. I must have lost 5 lbs just waiting to start!

The other mommies & babies arrived about a half hour later. I recognized them from the audition the day before, so it was nice to know them.  I quickly realized that we'll probably be at the same gigs from here on in, given that our babies look the same.

Shortly before we got started, the photographer and stylist came over to discuss wardrobe. Little A ended up wearing a white onesie -- but I still don't regret planning so well and having more options on hand.

We got started about an hour late {so now I've been there for TWO hours!}, and Little A went first. She was hot and tired, and not herself. She was fidgety and was trying to break free from the male model {a Fabio look-a-like!} holding her.  I tried to capture her attention to tease some smiles out of her, but she was having none of it. They took about 10-15 photos and then switched out to another baby.

 I realized that what this photo shoot needed was a more docile, sleepy little baby, so I grabbed Little A's favourite brimmed hat {remember I told you about her little idiosyncrasy in this post?} and she pulled it over her eyes and quickly fell asleep.  She slept through the other babies' photos, and when it was her turn again, I whipped off her hat and she came to life -- a smiley, coy, playful {and very tired!} Little A. And then she ROCKED the shoot.

Little A must have REALLY been watching America's Next Top Model with me last season because my little 6 month old knew all the modeling tricks. She gave the camera -- all on her own! {and with a little help from the stylist!} -- smiles, serious face, angles, and ALL KINDS of CUTENESS etc. 

This girl is PHOTOGENIC! She looked at the male model, snuggled into his jacket, smiled, hid half her face in the model's jacket's lapel, then re-emerged with a big smile. She was able to make tiny little movements, so every shot was different and more interesting than the one before.  

This went on for at least 30 minutes. 

The director said, "What's this baby's name? She's the best baby we've ever had! We totally lucked out! She's going to be an actress!"  He then took me aside and wanted my information so he could contact us because he definitely wanted to use Little A again.

After Little A was done, the director called it a wrap. The other little babies only got 10-15 shots each, and Little A probably got about 200 photos. So I'm no art director, but I think she may be on a book cover before Christmas!

I don't want anyone to erroneously assume I'm going to be a stage mother. If Little A wasn't up for photos yesterday, I still be proud of her. Heck, she's only six months old! It was just a really fun experience for us both, and I'm so grateful that she did so well for a first-timer! 

So perhaps it's beginner's luck, or this is the beginning of Little A becoming a star!  

*Paging Dina Lohan!*


Shelley June 11, 2011 at 8:45 AM  

How exciting!!! You'll definitely have to keep us posted! I've been wanting to comment on your posts for a while now (stinking Blogger has been weird lately and not letting me, urgh) and tell you how much I'm loving the new updates to your house! The rug in your bedroom and the bedroom itself are just gorgeous! Can't wait to see more :D

Meghann Clements June 12, 2011 at 11:03 AM  

Wow!! Can't wait to see more of Little A!!!!How fun for both of you!!!!!!

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