Thrifting Thursday - Kijiji Score! A Retro Find


As you well know, perusing Kijiji for amazing deals is one of my favourite pastimes. So when I happened upon a full bedroom set for $50 this week, I had to jump on it.

It's a totally retro, mid-century modern set. I love the clean lines and the legs! Ohhhh the legs! 

Here's the tallboy dresser. Love the simple details.

Here's a close-up of the detailed handles. I'm torn about what to do when I re-finish it. I can't decide if I should give my current dressers to my son, or if I should keep this for my room. I like the handles, but it would be too flower-y for his room so I would have to find something else.

Inside the tallboy - shelving and drawers!

The long dresser is quite long - like 6 feet or so. Too long for EZ's room, perfect for the master, so that's why I'm thinking of keeping it. So much to consider.

More hidden drawers in the long dresser too!

During transport, Big A & his buddy caused a HUGE scratch on the top of the dresser. Good thing we're painting it anyway!

Love the vintage-y instructions for the leg placement stapled to the back of the dresser.

Also included was TWO of these night tables. I think I'll definitely use on for EZ's room.

Also included was a GIANT headboard, but they guys couldn't fit it in the car {and it was for a double bed!}, so it was left behind.

Now to decide WHAT to do with the furniture. Where can it go? What colour to paint?


Reunion Committee June 23, 2011 at 11:00 AM  

oh wow!! That is a gorgeous set.. so many ideas brewing!
Maybe classic white with a pearlized finish??

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