Extreme Couponing Canada?


Not so long ago, I abhorred a sale. I would never touch anything on sale, particularly clothing.I thought something must be wrong with it. I hated sifting. Cutting coupons made me cringe. Using coupons embarrassed me.

But when you don't see your money going as far as it needs to, I knew something had to change. I remember just a few months ago, having to run out to a late-night pharmacy to buy overpriced detergent because we were out of it. I remember being shocked at having to pay $15 for a little bottle of laundry detergent.

I happened upon TLC's "Extreme Couponing" show in December 2010 and I was amazed. I couldn't believe how much they could save with couponing!  I DVR'd the show and watched it a few times in awe, trying to figure out how they could save so much money. 

I thought to myself, Could I EVER do that?  

Now with money being tighter than ever, I'm going to try! I started "thrifting" in January for furniture, housewares and even clothing! If I could save all this money on stuff for our home, surely there were savings to be had on our groceries!

So I spent the last couple of weeks compiling a coupon binder, searching online for e-coupons and manufacturer's coupons, and even ordered clipped Canadian coupons from eBay {YES you can do that and you should!}.

As for the "extremeness" of the Extreme Couponing show, I've now learned that it's just not possible in Canada, but AMAZING deals are still to be had.

My first couponing adventure was a couple of weeks ago. Big A and I went to two stores to start our stockpile. Both teenage cashiers *hated* us and gave us dirty looks while scrutinizing the details of each coupon. But we persevered the judgment and eye-rolling teens, and we saved a few bucks. Our stockpile had begun.

I spent about 2 hours scouring the flyers this week and found some pretty good deals {including $3.33 Diet Dr. Pepper - SCORE!}. When all is said and done this week, I spent about $120 and saved $100. 

It took me a couple of hours to put together the coupon binder, but it's AWESOME. I got the printable category index from the Krazy Coupon Lady website, and the trading card holders {plastic sheets with small pockets, perfect for coupons!} from Staples.

I was even stopped this weekend in stores by other shoppers wondering if I really had a coupon binder! I proudly showed it off and they loved it!

I keep this box in my car with the binder and other printable coupons.

Here are some pics of my stockpile. It's not organized yet. It requires a central location, so I can get the grocery store effect. But it's a start.
I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see all these products in a line - just like at a store! I can't wait to watch it grow!
I asked Big A to put away the haul. This is how it looks in our garage. I think he's making fun of me? Well, I'll be laughing all the way to the bank!

I won't run out of the laundry detergent any time soon!


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