Introducing: BABY BENZ!


Here she is!!! And she's all ours {after signing our life away to Mercedes Benz!}. I'm really excited to have a zippy, fun car that's both reliable and chic. I *had* to have a white car - I'm obsessed with all things white lately. Thankfully, we found exactly what we were looking for - IN WHITE!

Isn't she a beauty? I love the checker detail strip along the bottom. And I heart that it's a TURBO! This little car has a LOT of power! {193 HP to be exact!}

The console is cool, with chrome & faux bois accents!
A decent amount of leg room in the back too! Not like the Sexy Flex-y, but still pretty good for a tiny little hatchback!

The trunk is actually quite large - enough to store baby gear for two kidlets!

Pretty slick looking little hatchback! So excited for our new car!  I'm also looking forward to the many adventures we'll have with our new wheels!


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