I can find Pyrex ANYWHERE!


Last Saturday, in the middle of a horrendous thunderstorm, my mom & I found ourselves in a small town about 90 minutes from home.

On the way home, I spied a Value Village {the VV Boutique, if you will}, and I immediately wondered what a small town VV would have in terms of Vintage Pyrex.
So instead of staying in my car, I ventured out in the crazy thunderstorm in my brand new Toms {they are AWESOME in case you were wondering, but they are canvas so definitely NOT water resistant!} to check out Pyrex.

It was worth soaking my Toms for. Look what I found...

YES! That's PINK Pyrex! My first PINK piece! Too bad there was no lid :(

And how about this little yellow summer sunflower dish. The lid is amazing.

I can seriously shop any time, any place, and find AMAZING things. Sometimes you just gotta go out in the rain.  Even if people think you're crazy.


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