6 months ago and today


My sweet boy arrived into this world. Life has dramatically changed, but always for the better. When I look into his darling face, especially when he smiles and sticks out his tongue, my heart melts. I am so absolutely in love with this kid. And I think everyone else should be too.

Ezra can now crawl. Within the last two weeks, we've gone from excited that he can move 2 inches, now he's motoring all over the place. He's so fast and determined. His current crawl is the "army crawl", but he's already lifting his torso off the ground and is up on all fours, so I imagine it won't be long until he transitions to another form of crawling.

I'm excited to start trying some new foods with him. He likes his oatmeal cereal. The brown rice cereal was definitely not his fav. I'm going to try barley cereal too. Veggies and fruits are next. We're still desperately trying to wean him, but I'm such a sucker for my kid that we haven't gotten very far.

Ezra loves to laugh. He laughs especially hard when you tickle under his chin. He loves his tongue and sticks it out whenever he gets the chance. He also likes to blow raspberries. He likes to hang out in his diaper, even though I have the cutest outfits for him. He likes to play with his sister Ginger. He likes to go to the park with his cousins Hannah & Noah. He loves my Blackberry. His kid-friendly mobile phone soft toy just doesn't do it for him.

Ezra is simply a wonderful, well-behaved boy, who loves his mummy & daddy, and always has a big smile on his face. We are so blessed.


It's been a crazy few weeks, and I can't believe I haven't blogged. I've definitely missed it, I just haven't had the time to sit at the computer and think. Here's what's new in a nutshell:

1. My parents bought a new house in my new town. YAY!!! Seriously, I'm SO thrilled! I've been helping them out with various things. Now we get to stage their house for sale!

2. I went to a naturopath today. Ummm...not so impressed. Not my cup of tea. I'm more of doctor person. Not into alternative medicine. All he did was poke my leg a few times, watched me walk a few times, then ask me how I feel. He's prescription for me was the "Three Ws": i) WATER (drink often, especially when tired); ii) WALK (every 1/2 hr for about 5 mins; iii) WAIT (don't scratch an itch etc, let my body heal itself). I think I was just expecting more from him, like vitamins and miracle healing and such. Instead, all I was told to do was relax {which NEVER works when someone tells you to relax - all you can think about it how much you have to do!} nd do my "Three Ws". I doubt I'll see a naturopath again.

3. Physio is going great. Can I just say I LOVE my physiotherapist and clinic?!?! They are so great there. They take such good care of both me and EZ. My physiotherapist even hooked me up with her old play yard {even though it's Eddie Bauer - ugghhh AND has some plaid on it - double ugghhh!!!}. I always feel stronger and energized when I leave physio. YAY PHYSIO!

4. My church calling is keeping me pretty busy too. The Young Women are great. We have such fun. It's A LOT of work, let me tell ya, and sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed, they are totally worth it. These girls are just amazing. So bright, so fresh, so inspiring!

5. I've been scrapbooking. My cousin Shopgirl and I are making a scrapbook for my aunt's 50th wedding anniversary {shhhh...it's a secret!}. I've don 27 pages in the last 3 days. If you're not a scrapbooker, let me tell you that this is A LOT of work. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but time was of the essence so I had to get it down before we leave tomorrow. With everything else going on, the only time I have to scrapbook is from 11pm on - I've slept only 3-4 hrs/night. I'm tired, but the pages look amahhzzinggg!!!

6. I'm going back to work one month from today. I am in denial.

7. We get the house in 20 days.

8. I lost 3 lbs in the last week. Thank you Skinnygirl!


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