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Okay, let's just get this out of the way. I'm totally annoyed no one has central air here - get with the program BC! Good grief!

Alright. I'm over it. Moving on. BC is great! The trees are...plentiful. It's beautiful here. We're currently in Nanaimo for my BIL's wedding reception - round 2 - the West Coast edition. I was born here in Nanaimo, but I haven't been back since we left when I was 2.

We arrived via Victoria yesterday. EZ was one of about 10 kids on the flight. He was a perfect little guy - no tears or tantrums. Just cuddly and cute for all the strangers and mummy.

We briefly toured around Victoria. Nice enough. Would I live on an island? No. Only Bali, thank you.

The 100 km drive to Nanaimo took 2 hrs. EZ mostly screamed the whole way. We kept thinking, "Okay, it's only another 25 km...", but the ride just took forever. The scenery was stunning though - you just have to tune out the tears. The house we rented is in a new subdivision and it's great. There's no king bed in the master {as was promised}, and there's no a/c {okay, I'll shut up about it now}, but other than that it's great!

Today we went to 2 provincial parks. Not really my idea of a good time. Trees tend to look the same wherever you go. So two parks was a bit over the top for me. But the weather was nice.

It was interesting to note that at one of the parks we were at today, Rathtrevor Beach, was one that I used to go to quite often as a kid!

When we got the park, we realized that there was a nail in one of the tires, so we had to wait for raodside assistance then take the car into town so the tired could be fixed. And it was. No problems. Oh! I totally dig the vehicle we're renting - it's a Ford Flex. It's got a cool, retro vibe to it. And it's BIG! Kinda like a mini-van, but way cooler and less stigma attached to it. I'm already pressing Adair to buy one when we get home, but I think we'll have to wait for another baby. And I don't have any big announcements coming up.

We stopped at a roadside attraction called "Goats on the roof", and it was better than I expected. Cute little market {a la Puseteri's in Toronto or Zarky's in Burlington}, a produce market, ice cream shops, and clothing stores made for an interesting diversion from the monotony of trees.

Afterward we came home from a rest, then drove to the house where I spent my first 2 years {pictured below!}. One of the neighbours remembered my folks! Amazing!

Then we drove to downtown Nanaimo. Kinda dive-y. We didn't get out. Then we did the proper Farrington girl thing and went to a mall. How glorious! It has air conditioning and everything! I digress...

Tonight Adair and I planned to go to the movies, but little EZ had other plans. Despite being perfect, he has a good set of lungs and decided to put them to use tonight to make mummy stay at home with him. It all worked out thought because Adair's brother and his {new-ish} bride came over for a visit. So there you have it. All the updates!

Except one last thing - my car at home got broken into! My sister's using our wheels at home while we travelling, and mine and my BIL's BMW were broken into. Dumb thieves didn't even take any of the good stuff! Apparently they stole my $10 Le Chateau sunglasses, but left my blue-tooth. They took my BIL's broken IPOD, but left the IPOD charger and the $250 Ray Ban sunglasses. Dumb! I just hope they aren't mad at their utter stupidity and come back tonight to get what they left behind. I guess we'll find out!


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