Home Cookin' Queen


So if you follow my regular blog, you'll see that I am strutting my stuff in the kitchen. Yay me!

We've been eating every dinner at home for the last week. I'm actually quite impressed. There are days that I do crave Thai, but we haven't eaten so well in a very long time. Like seriously. Our bodies aren't used to so so so many vegetables and whole grains.

But it's super fun to try out new recipes and learn to be more comfortable in the kitchen. I'm gaining a lot of confidence, which actually is giving me so much independence. I can actually cook what I want and when I want. I know that concept may sound unbelievably simple, but to me, who didn't know how to boil water - this is a huge breakthrough!

I'm cooking real food - and some of it from scratch! I'll keep you posted on my continued kitchen successes!


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