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So. Here I am. Months after I started this blog. No further ahead. Thankfully, not worse off. But nevertheless, not improving. So I'm doing something about it. Wait, I've done something about it because I'm not the kind of girl who waits for good things to happen. I make it happen.

I've joined a health & wellness centre to help me lose weight. I start just before I go back to work. It's a lot of money, but my health is worth it. I'm also joining a gym. Yes, I've lost 70 lbs before on my own -- completely on my own, no gym, no help, no gimmicks -- but my life has completely changed since then. I have a family, a young child, and a hectic career. My time is valuable. Moreover, I really need the help and support. I'm really excited to get started!!!


spart July 28, 2009 at 3:24 PM  

I'm right behind you Cousin Maggie! Let's do this!!!!!!!!

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