My Blackberry: aka my "bby"


I'm in Blackberry bliss. I've had my Blackberry since November. No, it's not the latest version. It's well-loved, and recently chewed on and scratched up a bit. But I love to stay connected to my friends and family via email, fb, twitter - all thanks to my bby <3

Recently, however, hubsy wasn't too pleased with my almost $300/month bills. So he changed my rate plan, and subsequently {accidentally he says!} got rid of my web access with my bby. Booo!!! I've been without web access on my bby for 4 whole days now. What's the point of a bby with no internet access???

What's a web-lovin' gal like me to do? I just called my service provider and had my plan changed back. Now I just have to learn to stay within the confines of my plan. Hmmmm....


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