Labour Day. Literally.


Today was the 1st time in months {9 to be exact} that I really, REALLY enjoyed a stat holiday. Being on mat leave for 8 months, every day felt like a stat holiday - apart from the giving birth part.

So today, we really took advantage of our day by getting up early to go for a family walk. EZ really enjoys the park now. He likes to play on the swings and go down the slide {with a little help from mum & dad, of course!}.

After the park, we decided to immediately embark on our Labour:

  • tidy the kitchen {not CLEAN bc the cleaning lady comes tomorrow!}
  • cut the grass
  • weed the garden
  • paint the garage door
  • organize the book shelf
  • make labels
  • re-organize closet {rid myself of maternity clothes!}
  • tidy the family room
  • put up patio furniture {why not? it's still summer!}
  • laundry. loads and loads of laundry
  • organize the 2 front hall closets
  • finish painting the living room & trim
  • clear out boxes and put them in the basement
  • install new Britax carseat!
As you can see, it was a busy day. All of this had to get done with an almost-8 month old who likes to be "in on the action." EZ definitely liked to hang out with mum & dad today. He liked to watch daddy paint. He also used his little plastic car and bike for the 1st time today - thanks to cousins for those! We tried to find our camera to take photos because he looked mighty adorable in his sweet plastic ride, but alas, it was nowhere to be found. But trust me, EZ was CUTE!!!

So tomorrow is "back-to-school". Definitely makes me nostalgic for the good ol' days, but soon enough little EZ will be going to school! I love this time of year. I wonder how different traffic and my commute time will be tomorrow?


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