Lookin' Good - No Matter What!


When you have weight to lose, and are heading in that direction {albeit SLOWLY!}, there's often an apprehension to put your life on hold until you reach your goal weight.

I do NOT support this notion at all!

In my experience, which is plentiful as I've lost 70 lbs, then gained 90...maybe more, I think it's important to always look your best. One always needs to be pulled together to look effortlessly chic.

Trust me, you won't be motivated to lose weight if you're donning sloppy, schlumpy, dumpy, out-of-style clothes. Moreover, if you're saving your "skinny" out-of-style clothes for when you reach your goal weight - don't bother.


No matter what your size, there are cute clothes that fit your taste and budget. One of my tricks is I'm constantly buying cheap & chic clothes in the size I'm wearing NOW. I'm always in style {well, at least I think so}, and since my taste and style is constantly evolving I don't feel like I've wasted lots of money investing in pieces that won't fit me in a few months.

It's not only clothes that help you feel like a pulled-together, have-it-all woman in control. You need to ensure that you are impeccably groomed {healthy hair, clear, glowing skin, groomed brows, polished nails - including year-round pedis, etc}. I admit, I am writing this with a hat on because I'm having a bad-hair week and I'm in dire need of a trim and colour, and I also haven't waxed in 2 weeks! But it's the thought that counts.

It's a harsh reality, but our outer beauty definitely affects how we feel about ourselves. And feeling good about yourself is a motivator when your on a weight loss journey.

It's not indulgent - it's integral!

So take a few extra minutes to take care of yourself today. Tweaking and tweezing and trimming may be in order. Don't fret! You're not alone. I'm with you all the way!


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