U Skinnygirl Update


I've lost 21 lbs in the last 5 weeks. Yep. I'm awesome.

Yesterday, however, I slipped up a few times, and it got me thinking that how quickly we can revert back to old habits if we aren't vigilant.

It all started with a couple bad choices early on, and I didn't "check myself" before I "wrecked myself." No, I didn't eat 5 bacon cheeseburgers, then chips and candy bars while lounging on the couch watching tv.

7am - I went for a run - GOOD
8am - I skipped breakfast bc I planned on getting weighed in at UWL {which never happened} - BAD
11am - @ the market, starving, ate a cupcake. Then ate an ice cream cone - BAD
1pm - Didn't eat a proper lunch - BAD.
3pm - Hungry from no real lunch. Stuff my face with take-out chicken pad thai.
7pm - Didn't eat a proper dinner - BAD. Went to a party. Ate a hot dog. Then ate a hanburger bc I'm starving.
9pm - Feeling tired and grumpy. Cashews seemed like the perfect remedy. Nope. Still tired and hungry. Now feeling chubby.

See? Here's what I've learned from today.

#1: ORGANIZE MEALS. Stick to the plan. You can't go wrong.
#2: Food is NOT my friend or my enemy. Food is just FOOD.
#3: Check yourself before you wreck yourself.


Eujean,  September 13, 2009 at 10:09 PM  

LOVE. All your advice is awesome AND I need to go to bed and then apply it tomorrow morning when I start....yet again...on this wonderful journey :) thx lady.

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