Not-So-Real Housewives


I must admit that my current tv guilty pleasure is Bravo's Real Housewives series.

Whether it be the tanned, nipped and tucked women of Orange County, the ultra-chic workaholics of NYC, the over-the-top, big-haired women of NJ, or the blinged-out, uber-rich of HOT-lanta - these women are sure entertaining!

I wonder where the Housewives series will go next? My vote is for Salt Lake City!

Can you imagine those wanna-be perfect SAHMs who scrapbook pictures of their 8 children, do their Church callings, are 100% in their Visiting Teaching, have hubbies who serve in the higher echelons of the Church, all while being thin, gorgeous and oh-so-materialistic!

I think I may write to Bravo now and pitch them my idea!


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