L & D & a Long Recovery


So as many of you know, my delivery and subsequent recovery wasn't so straightforward. I spent a total of 10 days in the hospital. Here's a [not-so] brief overview of my experience:

Jan 9th, 2009 - DAY 1

Labour: 9-11:30am

  • Relatively easy, was expecting much more pain
  • Watched 1 1/2 episodes of "Mad Men" - LOVE that show!
  • Was very clear w/ OB & nurse that I wanted an epidural as soon as possible to minimize pain
Epidural: 11:30-12:15pm
  • The first epidural didn't go in right [eeek!], so the anesthetist re-did the epidural straight away
YEAH DRUGS! 12:15-4:30pm
  • This part was great. My mom came. We all had naps. Just waiting for the fun to begin
Epidural Wears Off: 4:30-7pm
  • Around 4:30, I started to feel some pain. I thought I could handle it, so I didn't say anything right away - I didn't want to be a wimp
  • By 5pm I was in a "state" - the pain was overwhelming. The anesthetist was paged to come back to "top me up". We were told it would be 15 mins, which I learned is "doctorspeak" for 1hr 20 mins.
  • Once he topped me up it felt better, but the pain didn't subside. We had to recall him to quadruple my dose.
  • I was so weak from the pain that I nearly didn't recover
  • My sister joined us
Beginning to Push: 7-8pm
  • Started to push. Too early. OB says to wait a 1/2 hr. Still in pain...oi
  • My day nurse's shift is over - I have a new nurse who is much tougher than my day nurse
Pushing Again: 8-9:51pm
  • I don't have a distinct recollection of this time period - exhausted, still in pain
  • I remember begging for a c-section, but my family kept telling me I would recover quicker if I deliver naturally
  • Sister gave me ice chips and also gave me a Bam-Bam ponytail to keep me cool - I didn't know this until after - I looked quite stupid ;)
  • Adair, mom & sister are amazingly supportive
  • One final push and feel such sweet relief - babe is whisked away

After the babe is born: 9:51-2am
  • Serious blood loss - talk of blood transfusion - luckily not necessary
  • I hold baby, Adair takes unflattering photos of me with the babe & my Bam-Bam hair; all my lovely makeup faded away at this point
  • Family takes so many pics and visits w/ granddad who is waiting patiently for good news
  • Tried to transfer me to another bed, but cannot walk - we all chalk it up to exhaustion
  • Family leaves, Adair & I are alone with the babe in a room until morning
  • Family & friends visit - beautiful flowers and cute clothes!
  • Still cannot walk - doctors cannot explain - need MRI. MRI @ my hospital broken so need to be transported by ambulance to another hospital
  • Wait for 6 hrs for ambulance. Left @ 11pm in a wicked snow storm - LONG DRIVE!
  • MRI complete
DAY 3-9
  • Need another MRI and an EMG. Doctors finally realize that I probably pinched my femoral nerve while pushing
  • Also have wicked anemia bc of blood loss during delivery - so I'm very weak & tired
  • Finally gain strength to hobble around on my walker - yeah! freedom to go to the bathroom on my own
  • Love physio - determined to walk again FAST!
  • My amazing family takes shifts taking care of me & Ezra. I'm astounded by their patience and thoughtfulness.
DAY 10
  • I had enough. I need to go home. I need to be in my own bed and start to try to care for my babe.
  • I need a walker to be mobile. I also need a seat and a handrail in the shower. Yes, I'm 29 not 92.
DAY 11
  • Mom stays w/ me - we watch history being made - OBAMA!
  • Physio does home visit - says I'll be off the walker soon - then a cane!
  • Mom leaves for her home. Adair's mom arrives.

So that's pretty much the update. It will still be a long recovery yet. But I'm happy it will be weeks as opposed to months. The best part is Little Ezra is a GREAT baby, who loves to sleep & eat. He is truly "Bebe EZ".

Here are some snapshots from the hospital:

My adorable niece & nephew with their new cousin Ezra!

A sample of the delicious food - all beige, all the time ;)


spart January 23, 2009 at 9:46 AM  

Oh Mags, wow.

Thanks for the blow by blow...I had no idea. You poor thing. Still, he is worth it, he's absolutely perfect.

Shop Girl* January 23, 2009 at 11:27 PM  

Oh Maggie I had NO idea... I hope you are able to get through this quickly!!

Side note: Ezra is absolutely adorable. I can't wait to meet him!

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