My Big Day was a big let down


I was supposed to be induced this morning. This was determined by my dr on Wednesday because of ongoing medical issues. I was told that I would be induced unless there wasn't any room @ the hospital.

So for the past few days, I've prepared in every way for being a mum - TODAY! I repacked my hospital bags, bought a Hooter Hider, spent a lot of time with family and friends, went to parties, went to the movies, watched numerous episodes of Law & Order, waxed my eyebrows, set up recordings for my fav tv shows next week, finished reading the Twilight saga [again!], rented Mad Men dvds for the hospital stay, and even was treated to a "last supper" with my family. I was ready to give birth today.

This morning I woke up @ 4:30am and felt a bit mucky [it was nerves]. I had a shower, shaved my legs and felt much better. Again - so ready to give birth today. I even put on make-up and did my hair. We called the hospital @ 6:30am and they told us to come in for 7:30. We finished getting ready, and took Gingy to dad's house, and made our way to the hospital.

We arrived on time and were escorted to our birthing suite. They had me change into the dreaded open-backed gown and immediately checked the baby's heart rate. All was well. The nurse took my blood pressure, then left us to wait for the doctor.

My dr arrived a short time later and re-took my blood pressure. He said he's never had it so low for me [this is a GOOD thing]. He left again, then returned to tell us that he was sending us home. He'd rather the babe come on his own this week, but out of an abundance of caution, scheduled another induction for next Friday.

I was pretty much devastated. I hadn't even contemplated the possibility that we'd be sent home for any other reason than "no room @ the inn." I understand, but that doesn't mean I'm less bummed out. I kind of moped around the house for the rest of the day, but finally got outside. Adair & I went for a walk at the harbour and I saw my friends from my dance studio. We also went to check out my nephew who was playing goal in his hockey game tonight. That was wonderful and lifted my spirits.

Tonight, we went to my parents house for dinner and to watch the hockey game. I kept thinking that I should be a mum by now, but I know that this bebe will come when he's good and ready. I'm just going to try not to overthink everything and just go with the flow. This labour is completely out of my control. I just have to surrender to it.


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