Six days overdue... no baby


I'm starting to go a bit crazy. I'm staring at my belly all day long, just waiting for signs that I'm going into labour. "Is that twinge a contraction?" NOPE. I feel kicks and I think the baby WANTS to come out, but doesn't know how. Kicking my ribs isn't helping any, kidlet! He also likes to swish around a lot. Someone told me that I'm making it too comfortable for the little guy. So sometimes I put on my coin hip scarf and start shimmying - may be he'll be so annoyed he'll want to come out!

I don't want to go out because I'm worried my water will break in some very inconvenient place. The rational part of my brain tells me that this scenario is highly unlikely, but the crazy pregnant lady part of my brain doesn't want to risk any possible embarassment. So I'm hanging out at home. I sleep. I tidy. I don't "clean", other than turning the dishwasher on. I go on the elliptical, but then I get tired and nap again. I read. I research labour signs or natural induction methods on the internet. I also read blogs. So you can see that I am mostly just waiting for my new life to start...any time now!


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