Tale of Ginger & the Rabbit


I have the cutest dog with the sweetest disposition. Ginger is an easy-going, calm and happy dog. She likes to nap, eat carrots [see above], cuddle & lick, play with her toys, and dig. She's also very quiet. She doesn't bark too often, only to let you know she wants something, like a treat or a carrot. She's such a good dog and makes friends easily.

Which is why we're surprised with her strange behaviour over the last couple of days. She has become obsessed with going outside. She usually goes outside a few times a day, but it's become a more frequent occurrence. She likes to go out every hour or two to do her business [sorry if it's TMI]. This is strange. She doesn't usually like to go outside, especially in the snow. Sometimes we need to physically carry her outside.

Adair thinks he figured out the reason for her interest in the backyard. He tells me that she made a friend outside the other day, and now she wants to visit her friend as often as possible. Her friend is a bunny rabbit.

Living on a greenspace, we tend to get a lot of bunnies in the neighbourhood. When I run outside in the Spring, I usually can count 8-10 rabbits during my workout. But given the winter season, the cold and the snow, I'm surprised to still see some bunnies.

Ginger hasn't seen the bunny since the other night, but I think it's just precious that she remembers her new friend and wants to play - at ALL hours of the day and night!


Sub40 January 9, 2009 at 12:26 PM  

Does Ginger sometimes look at you as if she's saying "What's up Doc?" while she's eating a carrot and playing with other rabbits?

spart January 9, 2009 at 3:41 PM  

I'm sorry, did you say she was "calm"?


Excited for you today!!!!

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