I LOVE...A Week in Review


EZ's new favourite phrase is..."I LOVE..."  We're lucky he just loves so many things.

For example, EZ went on a visit to the local fire station this week.  He was a bit apprehensive at first, but he went aboard the fire truck with its lights flashing.  He thought it was pretty cool.  Afterward he got a special fireman hat.  As we were leaving he kept repeating, "I love firetrucks! I love firetrucks!"


We took EZ this week to his cousin Noah's hockey game. It was the play-offs, so it was pretty intense game! Luckily Noah's team came out on top and go to the semi-finals next week!  When we arrived at the arena, EZ was in absolute awe. He kept saying, "Ohhhh! Ahhhhh!".  A lot of people had noisemakers, he said, "What's that? A bell?" So adorable.  The best part was that he would intently watch the puck and cheer his cousin on, screaming "I LOVE HOCKEY" repeatedly all the while!  He needs a pair of skates!  Daddy is also talking about building a rink in the backyard next year too!


Another great example of EZ's proclamation of LOVE is for his baby sister.  Every morning {and frankly every time he sees her!}, he rushes to her and calls out, "I LOVE BABY!"  He says "Awww...baby cute" repeatedly too. It is so beyond adorable.  She usually responds with a smile or some cooing.  And when she does coo, he repeats it back to her too.  Little A gets a kick out of that! I love that my kids love each other. We're so blessed to have so much love!


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