Thriting Thursday is back this week!


I haven't been thrifting {or even shopping that much lately}, but here are a few of my thrift store finds from the last couple of weeks {my camera is still missing, so iPhone is still pinch-hitting!}:

A cool brass bamboo-style magazine holder - $3.  I can't decide if I want to spray paint it white or gray.  What do YOU think?

A sweet medium size chest {it's about 20 inches high} for $4.99 at Value Village.  I saw a similar one at HomeSense for $299. It's a bit yellow, so I'm going to repaint it.  This weather greige oak is all the rage now. I think I'll try that!

After a major drought of Pyrex, I scored TWO pieces at my local Salvation Army this week! This is my first clear glass bowl. Very exciting!!

...And I got this creamer/gravy boat thing. $2.99 and it perfect condition! I heart vintage Pyrex!

I scored these frames at the same Salvation Army for $3.99 each.  They are a tad gaudy now, but I'm going to spray them high gloss white and put them on my faux mantel.  Can't wait!!


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