Second thoughts on the Settee


As our dining room comes together - at least in my mind - I'm having second thoughts about the settee we were going to reupholster.  Adair expressed his concerns a few weeks ago when we were given an estimate of at least $700 to reupholster it {not including the fabric or the nail heads that I want, etc}. I brushed him off, totally focused on my vision for the room. 

But now I'm having second thoughts too. 

If we were to purchase a more modern settee/loveseat/or 2 occasional chairs, it would really balance out all the curves of the antique-type furniture.  

So I've always adored the Barcelona chair. I can't afford the official reproductions at $5000+, so I'm on the hunt for good quality reproductions at a CHEAP price. Cheap and cheerful!  

I can't decide if I like the love seat or if I like to do two separate chairs. 


30somethingmomofthree March 3, 2011 at 10:10 AM  

Two separate chairs. Speaking from experience, when company is over, people tend to want their own chair. It seems as though if one person is in the love seat, people will love for somewhere else to sit until they have no choice but to sit next to the person on a love seat. Notice how on a three-person sofa you will only see two people?

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