Little A: 3 months


I'm about a week late posting these, but they are too cute not to miss {in my biased opinion anyway!}.  Here's a quick update on Little A:
  • We go to a weekly class together - Baby Milestones {we make take-home crafts and listen to speakers on child development, etc.}
  • She sits up on her own now for the most part.  By 7 weeks she was able to lift her head on her own
  • She likes to sing along with Mummy: in the car, during diaper/clothing changes, or just quiet close time. Her favourite songs are "My Love is Here to Stay" and the "Hello" song from Primary
  • She "talks" A LOT {probably to keep up with chatterbox EZ}.  She's constantly cooing and trying to engage you in conversation.  Her favourite time to chat is the mornings when we first get up.  She likes to lie there for a bit to talk and cuddle with Mummy. It's precious.
  • She's ok with Mummy dressing her in ridiculous {but cute outfits}.  For example, I said I would NEVER put a "brain squeezer" on my kidlet, but alas I'm overcome by the cuteness and now she frequently dons headbands with oversize and colourful flowers & bows. I would say she's a fashionista in the making. Poor daddy. Or poor daddy's wallet...
  • She likes to pull my hair {hard!} and grasp my fingers {or necklace, or shirt, etc.}
  • She's very drooly because she's teething. The buds on her teeth are just about to peek through - wish us luck!
  • She's a delightfully content little girl and we are so blessed to have her in our family!


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