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Here's what I don't get. 


I don't understand how people read a weight loss tip in a magazine 15 years ago and think that it' gospel. Or that it's even true.  Just because a magazine says so, it doesn't make it true.  On that note, just because I say so it doesn't make me right, but it's my blog :)  Here's an example.

  • "I read once that Sumo wrestlers eat at night." Don't they eat ALL the time?
  • Carbs are evil. I'm so bad for eating bread - they just make me eat sweets.
 I am a magazine-a-holic. Especially health magazines. I love reading inspiring stories of people that have found success.  I guess the key is keeping current on health related science, and magazines are generally a good resource.


Don't get me wrong, I love Oprah. I admire her commitment to inspire people to be better in all areas of their life, including health.  Many years ago {maybe it was in her book, "Making the Connection" released in 1996 -- 15 years ago people!}, her advice was to not eat within 3 hours of bed time.  That's been reinterpreted and misconstrued so many times by people looking for the Secret to quick weight loss that it's become an accepted as Gospel. Here's what I heard last week.
  • I work shift work from 2pm-12 midnight, but I get really hungry at night, so sometimes I sneak a yogurt after 7pm. Am I BAD?
Seriously. No one ever got fat eating a yogurt cup past 7pm.  The key to evening snacking/grazing is choosing your food well and being mindful of your eating habits.   Choose a fruit or snack on vegetables, or even plan for it in your day.  I'm a nursing mom so I'm hungry at night, but I choose fruit, cottage cheese, air-popped popcorn, nuts, and even chocolate {Just not all at once of course!}.

I try not to eat dense, fried foods ever, but especially at night. I don't like that heavy feeling, but what I hate feeling even more than heavy is STARVING. Remember: Deprivation = Rebellion. So have that apple before bed.  No one ever got fat eating apples!

Maybe what Oprah actually intended to say is that it's important to not eat mindlessly in the evening.  Are you eating because you're bored? lonely? Is it a habit? Or are you actually hungry? It's important to address the emotional issues of weight loss too. 

The saddest part of that woman's comments is that she questioned her self worth by eating a yogurt past 7pm - she says, "Am I bad?" Beating yourself up for "over-indulging" in a snack after  7pm {or anytime} is most damaging. Respect your body and it's signals of hunger.

What I'm learning is that there is NO SECRET to weight loss. There are no short cuts. This journey is a lot of work, and sabotaging your efforts with dated and misguided weight loss "science" is detrimental to lasting success.  I wish we could be kinder to ourselves and learn what works for us individually, and not rely on old news or 15 year old Oprah books!


spart March 4, 2011 at 11:43 AM  

You're absolutely right Cousin Maggie. I'm back on the WW road myself (started yesterday) and I'm really going to work at it this time in the hopes that I make it stick. I need more self-discipline.

Mummy Maggie March 6, 2011 at 6:16 PM  

You don't need self-discipline - the program is easy to follow :) Just go with it and LOVE those flex points!

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