Family Room Makeover Progress Report - Black, white and...YELLOW!


 We have a GIANT 4th bedroom on our second floor that we decided to convert into a family room.  It has a large closet that we use a book shelf {I love books on display, but it's nice when they are hidden too - much tidier looking!}.

The room use to look like this {the family who lived here before us had an adult son living in the room}:

We transformed it immediately to this:
We inherited this great black leather sofa set from my sister and painted the room a soft creamy white.  But the room was a little bland for my taste.

And so it all started out with this giant dresser I found at Goodwill for $40. It's a large mid-century style piece that was in excellent shape.  I thought I would paint it white or gray, but when my interior design friend came over, she suggested a pop of colour!  YELLOW it was!  I heart yellow. 

I wish I could've taken the TV off for the photo, but it's heavy and huge!

Adair spent a couple weeks painting the dresser. It's huge and required several coats to get it to the perfect sunny yellow colour.

Now onto lighting.  The room came with a ceiling fan. Not my taste at all. And see that ugly little plastic medallion? It needed to be removed immediately. So within days after moving in {1 1/2 yrs ago}, Adair removed the light. And we've had nothing there since but a gaping hole in the ceiling...until this weekend!

The ceiling light now looks like this!

Since our budget is tight, I decided to try to spraypaint one of those ugly brass dining room lights that comes with your house when you buy it {no intention to offend those that have one, but it's not pretty or special in anyway}. My hair dresser painted one of these chandeliers, so I thought I'd try it for this space! And it works perfectly!  And it's CHEAP! The chandelier we already had, so it's just the cost of spray paint and your own elbow grease!  

And yes, of course, I have a ceiling medallion :)  But the rule of thumb for a ceiling medallion is the simpler, the better -- less is definitely more. 

But I think it's a great accent to the simplicity of the light fixture.

So there you have it! The update on our family room! Of course, I'm still working on art and styling for the room, but this is it's current state. 

Ooohhh! See the white flowers above the sofa? They are Umbra's WallFlowers and I adore them! They are easy to use and you can style them any way you wish! So fun!


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