Could EZ be any cuter?!

This past weekend was EZ's 2nd birthday.  

I can't believe this wonderful boy is now 2 years old.  

I just took him to the doctor today for his two year check-up, and he's in the 95th percentile for height and 90th percentile for weight.  He's a tall and solid kid.  He's now longer a baby by any stretch of the imagination - he is a BOY.

EZ has a great sense of humour and likes to engage with us. He's always trying to make us laugh, and loves the attention of course!  He's a little parrot and mimics everything we say and do.  His vocabulary has really taken off, and he's also saying longer sentences.  It just seems such a short while ago that he just had a few words, now he's trying to converse with us.
EZ's Favourites:
  • SPORTS - particularly any sport that involves a ball - soccer, golf, hockey, basketball.  He's really coordinated and can run, jump several inches off the ground, kick and throw the ball, swing a golf club, hit a hockey puck, and anything else that you can imagine.  Oh, he can also run like the wind. Seriously.  He's fast, athletic and doesn't tire easily.
  • BABY SISTER - he loves "Biba" {aka: Baby + Aviva = Biba}. He loves to wake her up with smooches in the morning and hug her all day long.  It doesn't matter to him that "Biba" doesn't exactly respond back to him just yet, he loves to play with her anyway.
  • THOMAS - Everything revolves around Thomas the Tank Engine.  He loves to play with his many trains and train set.  He loves to watch the Thomas show when he wants to chill, and it's probably the only kids show apart from Sesame Street that doesn't make my skin crawl and tear my hair out.
  • TALKING - this kid likes to chat.  He'll chit chat with me all the day long.  He's always got something to comment on.  He's very proud of all his accomplishments, big or small, and always yells "YAY! I did it!" when he completes a task. 
  • MUSIC - EZ loves to sing and dance.  He now "sings" along to hymns at church, he knows the primary songs from nursery {"Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam"}, and he likes '90s Hip Hop and Lady Gaga for dancing!  We always have music on in the house and he loves to bust a move!
  • CARS - he adores the matchbox cars Santa brought him for Christmas!  He's always got a car or a train in his hand.  We love to just watch him at play with his cars, making noises and really being imaginative!  He also loves the Disney movie "Cars".  We watch it in the car on longer trips, yet he asks for it almost every time we get into the car.
I'm sure there's much more to add here, but Little A is crying so I need to get back to her now :) 
Happy 2nd Birthday EZ - WE ADORE YOU!


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