Modern Alphabet Magnets


Remember this photo from last week?  I was showing you a project I was working on. 

Well, that has turned into THIS!!!

YES! They are cute little non-cringeworthy alphabet magnets for our fridge!  I was inspired by this blog post over at Nice Girl Notes, and thought, Hey I could do that!   Here's how I did it.
I bought 1 1/2 inch wooden circles from Michaels.  They are $2 or so for a package of 6.

Then I spraypainted them with RustOleum's Heirloom White - two-three times each side.  The wood grain really shows through, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

I'm very picky about font type, so I found these stickers from Making Memories. In Black of course, and they have a slight shimmer to them :)

Next I cut little squares from a magnetic strip.  The strip had adhesive on the back, but it wasn't strong enough, so I used what I had {wood glue} to adhere the magnets more securely.  You can't be too cautious with magnets around kids!

I let EZ start playing with them to see how they'd hold up, and quickly realized the shimmery stickers come off easily, so I pulled out my glossy modge podge and applied a thin layer onto the front of each magnet.

And....VOILA! Adorable and chic alphabet magnets that are easy on the eyes AND the budget!

And I picked up these cute metal planters from Ikea last week. The perfect storage for these alphabet magnets.

So there you have it! Super-easy, super-adorable homemade and customizable alphabet magnets that


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