We got a FLEX!!


Here is our new car, minivan crossover whatever.  Let me tell ya, it's AMAZING!  LOVE IT.
We got it in the seven seater, in the White Platinum finish with the white roof, with black leather interior.  I only had 3 requests: it had to have heated seats; the Ford SYNC media system; and the VISTA roof! The one we got was in the showroom of the dealership, so it was LOADED with extra goodies and we got an amazing deal on it.  It drives like a dream and doesn't feel too big, despite the fact it's 2 feet longer than our Ford Escape.
Ez was a little apprehensive at first.  But then he saw it and said, "WOW."

Dada is putting the car seats in!

Doing the last check to make sure all is well!

Ez liked the toy F-150 - maybe that's our next vehicle?

Patiently waiting for the paperwork to be complete!

And we're off in our new family-mobile! 


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