Getting back to a routine for 2011


 I think the key to success is planning. In an effort to stay on track with my 2011 goals, I started planning my days to get into a routine early with the kidlets. When I was home with Ezra, I struggled to get into a routine because of my personal health issues {remember the nerve damage?}, then we spent most of my mat leave in flux because we were moving.

Yesterday was my first day home alone with Little A after the holidays. We were pretty successful in achieving all the was planned yesterday.  We got up "early" {like mat leave "early" - 8am}, and first on the itinerary was to go for a walk, except Little A decided to take a nap.  She was up most of the night, so the nap was needed, but now she's cramping my plans! 

Instead of freaking out about not following my self-imposed schedule perfectly, I decided to organize Ezra's room & the family room instead. It was a good lesson for me that it's okay to go with the flow {which isn't my style AT ALL!}. I'm a total planner and if I don't  follow through on something, I feel like a total failure. That needs to change.  I need to learn to relax and enjoy being at home a little more.

So anyway, we ended up running errands, going for a walk, and doing laundry for the rest of the day.  All in all, it was a good day at home.

TODAY is another story.  Little A is turning nights into days, so we were up most of the night.  I turned off my early alarm this morning, and forced myself to get both me and Little A up by 9am.  Then we both fell asleep on the couch till almost 1pm! We're like a couple of teenagers!  So much for my plans to organize Aviva's room and the kitchen pantry this morning.  Little A's been a little grump all day, so she needs to be held ALL THE TIME.  The only time she's not crying is when we're cuddled on the couch. 

Needless to say, we've haven't accomplished much on the"to do" list today.  So much for our routine! We'll try again tomorrow. 


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