Thrifting Thursdays


So in my effort to be more thrifty {especially on maternity leave} and still maintain my love of great design, I've decided to declare Thursdays my thrifting day.  Each Thursday I will go thrift store shopping {Goodwill, Sally Ann, Re-Store, etc.}, then report on my finds.  

I usually have pretty good luck.  Here are my great finds from last week:

These chairs were what I call an "ultimate find".  I've been searching for Bergere or Louis chairs for the conversation area of our yet-unfinished chic-all-white dining room.  I picked up these chairs at Goodwill for $50 each.  I imagine it will take elbow grease & a couple hundred dollars to recover and have these chairs just the way I want.  It was SO exciting to find them. I immediately ran to the cash to pay for them even before I was done shopping. I HAD to have them! 

At the same Goodwill I found these buffet & hutch {$35 for the buffet & $40 for the hutch}.  I didn't buy them because I wanted to pace myself for the day and not overload myself {and Adair!} with projects.  I love the lines and detail of the buffet.  If I bought it, I would have put it in one of the empty spaces in my 2nd floor hallway because you could always use more storage.   I'd probably paint it a neutral colour - gray - and defintely change the hardware.

 What I really liked about the hutch was the cool wire detail in the 2 side pieces of glass.  Some may think this buffet & hutch combo is REALLY HIDEOUS, but I think it's gorgeous.  Can't you just imagine the glass part styled with all-white ceramics and all-white towels.  It would be divine.  

Maybe it will still be there today when I go thrifting!


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