In lieu of Thrifting Update


As expected with 2 under 2, life can get pretty hectic sometimes.  Things come up and life doesn't go according to plan. It's been a whirlwind of crying babies, kidlet crafting, napping, design dilemmas,and other busy nothings. So I didn't get to thrift this week...yet. 

Stay tuned for next week.  I'm sure I'll have some glorious finds.

In lieu of Thrifting Thursday, I'll briefly bring you up-to-date on the goings-on @ our crazy house.

1. Valentine's Day
  • We had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  For the first time, my husband actually planned a dinner and bought me a gift. It was supposed to be a surprise {he even arranged a sitter!}, but I was pressing him to go to an auction, so I kind of forced him to tell me. I guess I'm a good cross-examiner - he gave up the details of his plans pretty easily
  • Adair bought me Apple TV, which is pretty awesome considering how much time we spend at home and how hard it is to get out of the house with the 2 kids - GOOD GIFT
  • We went to a very nice restaurant for dinner and I splurged on steak and chocolate mousse -- possibly the best chocolate mousse of my LIFE!
  • He also got me tulips which I heart.  I'm not a rose person, and the tulips are so cheery and spring-y, which is what we need after this cold, snowy, dreary, miserable winter. 
  • Valentine's Day didn't end on the 14th because Adair also put away 5 loads of laundry yesterday while I was napping. He's awesome like that.
  • EZ made the cutest Valentine's art.  I should probably be a good mummy and take photos, but alas, we can only do so much.  By the end of V-day, EZ was saying "Heart" & "Love", so that's pretty awesome.

2. Dining Room Update:
  • Fabric for bergere chairs has been purchased {gray, yellow, birds & chevron!}
  • I sold the Goodwill chairs I found in January and bought new chairs
  • I picked out paint for the chairs and the wall design
  • I found the dining room chair fabric on eBay for $15/yard {better than the $50/yard I was going to purchase it for at the fancy fabric store!}
  • My amazing friend is going to reupholster our pieces - we met today and I'm EXCITED
  • I went to a foam store and had foam custom cut for our furniture
  • I'm finalizing fabric and trims. My latest dilemma is the front hall bench, which is currently a hideous shade of dusty rose velvet. Should I reupholster in a silvery microfiber velvet OR go crazy and choose a gray crocodile vinyl. I'm thinking vinyl, but I'll keep you posted.
  • I have some great ideas for lighting & accessories which I'll post about in the future.

3. Other home design issues:
  • I decided on paint for EZ's room - hopefully we'll get that finished this weekend.
  • I got a quote for $1100 + paint to finish painting the 2nd floor of our house, including our banister.  It's a little steep because we can do it ourselves, but I guess you're paying for the convenience {Patience is NOT my strong point!}
  • We need to strip the chairs {dining room & bergere} this weekend, so we can get started on the reupholstery as soon as we can 
  • I'm also really keen to put our new paint sprayer to work and spray our kitchen cabinets!
4. Misc...
  • I signed Aviva up for a class - Baby Milestones - we make little keepsakes and stuff
  • I found some new local baby & kid stores. It's so great to support local businesses! 
  • EZ is chatting up a storm. He's a sponge and a parrot. He's repeating EVERYTHING you say. I'm amazed by his progress in the last few weeks. He's really growing up. 
  • I'm REALLY stoked about this weather warming up - I HOPE IT STAYS! I'm so ready for Spring!



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