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 Have you seen those amazing Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers ads? Well, I'm a total sucker for advertising, so I joined WW in mid-January.  I've been reluctant to share the news because I've joined WW before and was disappointed with their previous programs. 

But the updated PointsPlus program is AWESOME. Trust me, I'm a professional dieter. The best part is that fruits & veggies are ZERO POINTS!  I always that it was weird that a banana was 2 points on the previous programs - I'd rather eat 2 mini chocolate bars! Anyway, I'm really pleased with the results.  Below is a post from another blog I post on with a few workout diva friends :), and I thought I'd share my self-reflection with you.


I've been doing GREAT. I'm down 10 lbs since mid-January! YAY me! I haven't really been working out because: 1) I'm lazy; 2) Still trying to juggle life with 2 kidlets; 3) I {and the 2 kids} were sick a couple weeks ago, and I can't get back into the swing of working out again.

But I'm feeling really great and a lot more comfortable with my food choices.  Here's what I'm realizing about my "dieting personality, about food and my toxic relationship with it:

1. Food isn't my best friend and it isn't my enemy. It's just food. And EATING food {in proper portions!} will allow me to find my comfortable weight.

2. Deprivation breeds rebellion. I have the kind of personality that if you tell me I CAN'T have something, it's all I want. I'm learning that if I allow myself to have something, I really savour the portion or sometimes I don't even want it at all.  But the mere fact I'm deliberately depriving of it is the driving factor in obsessing about it. You'll NEVER catch me on Atkins again.

3. Slow and steady wins the race. I'm still nursing my 11 week old, so I can't lose weight quickly as it deleteriously affects my milk production  THIS IS A GOOD THING. Usually when I'm on a fad diet, I get so excited about dropping 20 lbs in a couple weeks, then the diet becomes unsustainable -- they ALWAYS do -- and I "fall off the wagon" only to gain the weight back {and then some!}.  Right now, I'm dropping .5 - 2 lbs per week and I'm eating REAL foods I enjoy {I eat chocolate and chips almost daily!} and I'm eating a TON of fruits and veggies.

4. Weighing myself everyday is CRAZY. But I still do it. I'm trying to stop because it only makes me anxious and puts me in a bad mood if I'm .5 lb, or alternatively makes me over-elated if I'm down 2 lbs. Once a week is enough. I'm trying to NOT throw myself into a tailspin over silly water weight.

5. I need to give myself more love and more credit. I'm a total self-hater. I say terrible and mean things to myself.  Even when I was 135 lbs, I would constantly write in my journal that I was such a cow. Oh, what I'd give to be a 135 lbs again. I'm learning to be grateful for my body, even at this size. I can move - I can jump - I can walk - I can even run - I can dance - I can give my kids kisses - I am worthy of love. YES, even at my current weight. This way of thinking is totally radical to me.

I'm really looking forward to hitting the gym soon and getting out on the roads to train for my half-marathon in May.  Anyway, I feel like I've got a good momentum going, and I just want to continue going in this positive and healthy direction.


Lorelei February 22, 2011 at 9:17 PM  

Yay Maggie!!! Good for you! Good luck on your journey. I've been thinking of joining WW as well. I need to do it for 2 reasons, weight loss and my health (getting my diabetes under control). Thanks for the inspiration. I love point number 5 of your blog. You are worthy of love and you can do all of those things so give yourself a break. We always forget how fortunate we really are. All the best...Lorelei

Mummy Maggie February 23, 2011 at 9:17 AM  

Thanks Lorelei! I appreciate your support :) Miss you!

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