{Last} Weekend's Project #2 - Stripping the Bergere Chairs


In preparation for the reupholstering of our furniture pieces, we had to strip them of the current fabric and padding. We decided to tackle the two bergere chairs first.

I figured this was a straightforward task, so I assumed it would take an hour or two to get the job done.

Oh how terribly wrong I was.
Between me & Adair, we're figuring we're at more than TWELVE hours {and counting, because we're still not done one of the chairs!}.  Here's what we did.

Nice chair, just not done to our taste!

Time to rip off the fabric! 

A sideways view of the foam covered chair back.

Ripped off the old foam to the back of the chair,  removed that fabric and the gazillion staples.

Next we tackled the arm rests.  Simple enough...

But wait!  There's another layer of fabric and foam underneath.  Good grief!  Oh the staples!!!!

Finally we reached the wood base and removed another bajillion staples.

Now to attack the seat cushion -- gross foam!

And underneath that, more fabric and gross old foam!!

But we stripped those suckers off to reveal...

Ahhhh...finally...the base of the chair!!


There is MUCH work left to be done, but stripping this fabric, although tedious at times has been very educational!

Now we have new foam being custom cut and we still have to paint the chairs!  More to come as we go along!  


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