Thrifting Thursdays - Week 4


This has been a crazy week for me. Both kidlets and I have caught a cold.  Plus it's FRIGID outside, which doesn't entice me too much to venture out into the cold looking for old stuff with 2 sick kids in tow.  

But alas, I did.  
Today was our first day out since Monday {when we went to the indoor gym! and to Value Village's 50% off sale for Family Home Evening}.  Thursday mornings are usually reserved for thrifting, but I didn't want to risk it with both kids.  I shopped full retail this morning - I'm looking for good sheets.  All I found in the colour I wanted was 1000 thread count sheets that cost nearly $100. No thanks, I'll pass. 

I wanted to thrift this afternoon, but my priority was to peruse fabric stores for the perfect upholstery material for my upcycled dining room projects.  I'll write about that in a separate post.  
I did, however, manage to hit a couple thrift stores today, but everything was a miss.  Luckily I scooped up these sunny little gems earlier this week.  Both items are yellow {as is a juicer I also purchased but didn't photograph}.  Yellow is becoming the accent colour in our home - you'll see this tomorrow when I show you some fabric I'm looking at!

Sweet sunshine-y shoes for Little A. They are unworn and I paid a whopping 49 cents!

A mustard yellow vintage Pyrex casserole dish with darling fleurs - with a lid! LOVE! Sadly, this may be my last Pyrex piece for awhile...unless I see a PINK piece or a fridgie!  I am running out of storage space for all my vintage Pyrex.  But in my defence, I do use them daily!


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