My 500th Post. Seriously.


Wow. My 500th post? Seriously?

I wish I had something more profound to blog about for my 500th Blog Post.
I started this blog in 2007 as a way to document the fun adventures of my life.  Adair suggested I reflect on what we've accomplished since 2007, and there is so much to cover.  We have been incredibly blessed. 

  • We bought our first home!
  • We went on a dream vacation to Morocco
  • We moved into our new townhouse
  • I started bellydancing and discovered a new passion for performance {and sequins!}
  • I became President for the YW program for our Church
  • I discovered SCRAPBOOKING!
  • I got a permanent position @ my job
  • Adair's brother got married in Hfx - travelled there @ 7 months preggo!
  • Babymoon trip to Banff! 
  • I had a BABY!!
  • I had a horrible delivery that left me with major nerve damage in my legs 
  • I enjoyed my 1st mat leave with my AMAZING son EZ and the MANY adventures of being a first-time mummy! {take that, nerve damage!}
  • We ventured to the Great White North and Vancouver Island with EZ when he was 6 months old
  • We sold our first home and bought a bigger home in a new town
  • We moved into my parents house until we moved into our current home
  • I went back to work and loved being a Working Mummy! I got to wear power suits again!
  • I discovered another passion - home decorating and design
  • We took a trip with our friends to NYC w/ EZ
  • I have become obsessed with other blogs, organizing and DIY projects
  • We had our 2nd child - our gorgeous daughter Little A
  • I'm now on my 2nd mat leave and enjoy being a temporary SAHM
  • I'm sure there are more things, but I'm getting tired :)
So thanks for following my little blog!  I hope you join me for many more adventures to come.  It's hard to believe that Adair and I started like this:

  and now we've THIS!
This is truly the BEST time our lives. Thank you for sharing in our FUN and ADVENTURES!


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