Red Felt Roses


Here's a little craft I've been working on this February.  

I found this amazing blog {Creative Jewish Mom}and was inspired by her tutorial on making a Felt Rosebud Bouquet. She has a full tutorial on her blog, so I won't repeat it, but here are some photos of my progress.  

I'm not done yet -- these babies take a long time! But they are worth it :)

So you first outline various sizes of circles on the felt.  Then cut out the circle shape.  Then within that shape, cut a spiral pattern.  Repeat for each circle.

Unravel each spiral, the take the pointy end and start rolling it in on itself.

As you roll it, keep the felt taut as you don't want floppy flowers.

Almost done! With your hot glue gun, adhere the centre part of the spiral {the butt if you will}, to the bottom of the rose.  This will help the rose maintain its shape. Since you have your hot glue gun out anyway, you can always secure the sides of the flower if you feel like you need to.

And voila. A completed rose!

I love how each rose is individual, depending on the size of the original circle and your freehand spiral cut.
I then adhered the roses to a styrofoam ball {try 5-6 inch balls}, and all of my many roses only filled half the ball! So here's a shot of my yet-unfinished bouquet.  I'm interested in making another one for my dining room in shades of gray and white, so I'll leave my red one till next February.
Hope you enjoyed my mini-tutorial!


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